Citrix Heroes
Citrix Heroes
DJ Eshelman

Welcome to Citrix Heroes

Join the underground movement - be a Citrix Hero

About Us

We are a group of Citrix professionals that believe the Hero's journey is not one of solitude! We are a private social network here to support each other, get to know one another, and above all to help each other!

Why You Should Join Us

Above all else- this is a COMMUNITY. This isn't a course, isn't a forum and isn't just another discussion thread. This is the place to get connected with others that want to learn more about Citrix and become friends with those that are like them!

We exist outside of the 'official' channels (we aren't part of Citrix) and without sponsors, so we can be honest, tell it like it is.

We are led by DJ Eshelman, a recognized Citrix Expert, and former Citrix Technology Advocate.

You'll get exclusive content that is not published anywhere else.

The occasional Live hangouts will happen

Access to industry experts you wouldn't normally have

Best of all... no Ads. Better Privacy control. It all works together to make our community amazing!

A Big Thanks

This is all made possible by CTX.Academy (which is owned by us.) Their financial support makes this community open to anyone who wants to join!

Exclusive Phone App

Citrix Heroes is available right on your phone! Just install the Mighty Networks app and connect it to Citrix Heroes!

The app is not only convenient but many enjoy getting notifications on the app rather than via email.